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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Does the Buffalo still flow if no one gets to see it?

The beautiful Buffalo River, here we are locked out and dreaming of Fall. To hear the slow flow of the river and the call of a hawk as it swoops by, or the bugle of a male Bull Elk. Sure we could get close but who wants to feel rushed like a thief in the night when all the river asks you to do is slow down and set a spell. We need to remember all the people before us that sacrificed a lot to give us this beautiful place. The beautiful Buffalo River has seen its share of battles but it has generally been supported by both sides of the government. It is a shame to block us out of something that is owned by the people, something that we pay taxes on to manage and maintain not a bargaining chip. A true American treasure that we should fight to protect even from our government if need be. We need to take a page from history and learn to stand up and protect once again our great treasures for if we loose one were does it stop.

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