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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Buffalo River in the Spring 2013

It was and amazing time to be out exploring the Buffalo for we were blessed with rain and all the waterfalls and the River itself was full of water. Most mornings it was a little chilly but that just meant that maybe the snakes would stay away for a little longer. Nothing like camping out on Steele Creek enjoying the amazing views of Roark's Bluff and listening to the river as its flows by. I had decided to get up at 4 and see if the clouds would be laying in the valley and with that some inspiration to head to Hawksbill Craig for an early morning shoot but it wasn't meant to be so back to sleep for a couple more hours. I did get up at 6 and quickly got dressed and wandered down to the river, it was gorgeous and up a little more than I realized but if I was going to get an amazing elk photo I needed to cross. Well it seemed like a good idea at the time but apparently when it's 34 degrees in the morning an above the waist crossing can be a little extreme ok my brains thinks a lot extreme. Apparently the elk are smarter than me and had decided it was to cold to cross, but not all was lost I spent 3 hours shooting some amazing photos of trails and wildflowers. I hiked back to the campsite to dry off and eat some breakfast and was ready to set off on the next adventure, Double Compton Falls.
It you are lucky enough to go on this hike it will not disappoint even more so if you can catch it with both falls flowing. I can't believe as many times as I have been to Hawksbill Craig that I didn't know this was just up the road, this is such a unique area. My dream is to catch this place in full snow, someday. The hike to Compton
Falls is not to bad if you stay up on the ridge the whole way and you find the trail that takes you down below it. Make sure you allow for plenty of time to shoot here
it deserves it. It was truly and amazing time and I can't wait till fall. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them. Until next time happy shooting.