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Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Photography in Christmas

Well off to Branson on one of the coldest days of the year, well if you consider a windchill of a -5 cold. Still trying to find that allusive Christmas spirit, nothing a trip to silver dollar city can't fix. Brrr... What an amazing day. Well I'm heading home I figured that the only pictures I would be taking would be of old churches, funny how the truck always seems to head to Ponca and then the next thing you know you're standing in the buffalo river looking for that special shot wondering if you could possibly hop rock to rock to get to the other side, considering that hasn't turned out so well before.
Well almost sunset got to rush to boxy valley, still haven't got that perfect elk shot, man it sure is cold. Man what amazing animals, before me is three males banging horns raring up, just to the other side is a mom feeding her baby. Well it's starting to get dark and colder if that's possible. Well I'll have to save the perfect elk shot for another day, who knows one of these days I'll have a cabin here till then I'll suffer in the beautiful Ouachitas. Well take care and Merry Christmas.

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